MMbbls Full-Field Production-Profile Web-App

MMbbls Full-Field Production-Profile Web-App

Juan Cottier Juan Cottier
Director & Lead Geologist at MMbbls Limited

First, our Buckley-Leverett Fractional-Flow web-app.

Second, our Single-Well Production Profile web-app.

And now ... our Full-Field Production-Profile web-app.

With the Full-Field app you can take the results of the Single Well app (ramp-up, plateau, GORs, decline type, workovers) and combine in multi-well scenarios to produce a full-field composite description of oil, water and gas rates and cumulatives over the life of the field.

Like all our web apps it is very clean to view and for our dynamic graphing we have utilised the D3.js JavaScript library which is ideal for our Reservoir Engineering data driven documents. It is also very intuitive so any knowledgeable oil industry professional or student will have no problems using them.

Go to , register if you haven't already, and try it out. Any questions then just get in touch.

An MMbbls Reference Manual will soon be available to accompany these Single-Well and Full-Field Production-Profile web-apps which will sit nicely on your bookshelf alongside the MMbbls Buckley-Leveret Fractional-Flow Reference Manual.

Next to be released will be our MMbbls Net Present Value web-app.

Juan Cottier - Lead Geologist - MMbbls Subsurface Consulting.

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