Field-Development Web-Apps ... Technical Manuals.

Field-Development Web-Apps ... Technical Manuals.

Juan Cottier Juan Cottier
Director & Lead Geologist at MMbbls Limited

MMbbls now have three of our Web-Apps with accompanying technical manuals available to the public;

  • Buckley-Leverett Fractional-Flow Web-App
  • Single-Well Production-Profiles Web-App
  • Full-Field Production-Profiles Web-App

The Buckley-Leverett manual has been available for some months and we have just taken delivery of the second printing run of 200. The Single-Well and Full-Field Production-Profile manuals are now available also. Let us know if you'd like a copy.

If you want to use the Web-Apps just go to and register to use. Comments and suggestions from the MMbbls Web-App Community are always welcome.

Thanks, as always, to MMbbls Lead Reservoir Engineer Paul Tijink.

Kindest regards,

Juan Cottier, Lead Geologist, MMbbls.

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